Me, My Process, My Experience

Devin Temple Texas

 Pottery is a tactile experience for me. My intention is to make it one for the viewer, as well. Creating organic textures that mimic movement is fundamental to my work; I want the nature that influences everything around us to be expressed in my art.  

Origin of Influence 

Growing up in Texas, within a family of artists, has allowed me to see the world through a unique lens. My art is an expression of the people that helped me to grow and the place in which I did so. As an artist you can’t help but to see art and beauty in the natural world. The colors and textures used in my work are all echoes of what I see in the nature around me, the cracks in dried earth, the rusted iron of silos and rooftops, the oranges and reds of sunsets, the textures of tree bark.

I find it intriguing how nature takes back. Once humanity is gone, the Earth will take over and break down what once was as if it never existed in the first place, leaving few remanence of humanity. Clay that was once of the earth is manipulated and heated in such a way to create stability and permanence. My creations will long out live me and therefore I am in a way making my existence permeant with in our world. I grow tired of monotony and yet crave it at the same time. Clay lends well to this because some steps you are destined to repeat your entire life but some are new, fresh, and even short lived. Ceramics is something you can do for your entire life and never grow tired of it. There are endless possibilities and experiments that await.



 I fire all my pieces to cone 6, which allows me to procure vibrant colors. Firing to this mid -range temperature is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. My pieces invite you to touch, to savor, to connect, and help ground you. I want you to wake up each morning and search for that one specific mug that feels right resting in your hands. In the past I fired to cone 10 in reduction. I really like the colors you can attain and hope to get back to it one day. Until then, cone 6 glazes have come such a long way.


I am currently working in Central Texas out of a community college studio. After earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics at the University of North Texas in 2013, I moved back to my hometown where I continue to craft mugs, bowls, vases, pots, and sculptural vessels in a local studio. I hope to one day own a studio with a gallery and store front, where I can teach classes while also providing a studio space for the community. Most recently, my work has focused on surface treatment and texture. I took a 3 year hiatus from pottery and now I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things, while also trying to build a business.


In the Gallery

Check out what I’ve been throwing over the last several months, or revisit some pieces from the past with me. Find something you like? Visit the shop page and pick up a piece for yourself or a loved one.

Past Work
ca. 2013

Images from my time in undergrad at the University Of North Texas in Denton, TX. featuring reduction cone 10 firings and soda.

Current Work
ca. 2018 - 2019

I have been trying to create my own unique style through experimentation with the use of different textures and clay bodies.

In The Studio

Come check out my experiments! See mages of my process and studio practice. See how just I make my work!